From Fr. Kitsmiller for Sunday, July 14

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This Sunday, we are blessed to hear Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan found only in the Gospel of Luke. It is a great teaching for us on who is our neighbor. If we apply Jesus’ parable to our own life then our neighbor is more than just a person we live next to, share something in common with, who we like or who is good to us. Our neighbor is any man, woman or child who is need, distress or who needs to know about the love and mercy of Christ. The neighbor is someone who may not be like us, who does not speak our language or is even of a different faith. We can think of the many immigrants who come to our country in dire straits because of the oppression or poverty they experience in their homeland. Or our neighbor is someone closer to home who feels alone, not wanted, or is unable to get out and feels as if no one notices they are there. The point of Jesus’ parable is see ourselves as a member of God’s family in which we show care, concern, respect for all we encounter and even those who we sometimes don’t pay much attention. Jesus also makes a point of showing the hero of the parable to be the Samaritan, a people who were at enmity with the Jews and vice versa. It is important not to paint a whole group in a negative light just because we have had a bad experience. The beauty of Christianity is that we believe that Jesus came to redeem all people and to give them the grace to live virtuously like Him. May God give us the grace to live like our Savior and sustain in faith and charity.

As always, I continue to appreciate your prayers and support for the parish.

Have a blessed week!
Fr. Kitsmiller
Administrator Pro Tem