From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Today, we kick off the 2019 Bishop’s Annual Appeal (BAA). This year’s theme is “God makes every grace abundant.” This theme reminds us that God gives us the grace to do well and then can multiply our generosity by which many know of God’s love and mercy. We can do this through our actions but also through the support of the Church’s ministry in the diocese. The BAA then is a practical way for us to support the mission of the Church at the local level. The BAA supplements the diocesan budget, particularly the areas of seminary education, training for the diaconate, Catholic Social Services, religious education and marital preparation programs. This is an annual appeal to all the parishes of the diocese. Our parish goal is $11,639.88. This works out to roughly $110.00 per family. Many of us can give more than that and some cannot give that much. But as a parish, I believe we can reach this goal. Our participation in this campaign is a tangible way for us to support the mission of the Church, both through the teaching of the Gospel and the care of the poor and needy. I encourage you to prayerfully consider what your gift can be. Every gift, no matter the amount, is appreciated and necessary for us to reach our goal. Gifts given above our parish goal are returned in full to the parish. I thank you for your sacrifices and considerations. 

Have a blessed week! 

Fr. Kitsmiller 
Administrator Pro Tem