From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our women of the parish who have accepted that wonderful vocation. We owe a lot to our mothers who carried us in their wombs, gave birth to us, nurtured and helped us grow into responsible and caring human beings. May God bless you! We pray for all of our mothers. May God continue to strengthen you each day of your life. 

Last week, we kicked off the 2019 Bishop’s Annual Appeal. The theme is “God makes every grace abundant.” Our parish goal is $11,639.88, which comes to approximately $110.00 per family. Pledge envelopes are in the pews and can also be obtained by calling our parish office. I thank you for your generosity to our parish and the diocese. 

Have a blessed week! 
Fr. Kitsmiller 
Administrator Pro Tem