From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the first Sunday of Lent, the Gospel accounts always relate Jesus’ temptation in the desert by Satan. This year, we read from Luke’s Gospel although the accounts in both Matthew and Mark are very similar. Jesus is tempted by Satan to turn stones to bread to feed His hunger; Jesus is tempted with earthly power and glory throughout the world if He worships Satan; Jesus is finally tempted to test the Father’s love by throwing Himself down from the Temple mount. We also will be tempted in life in a similar way. We can be tempted to fulfill only our sensual appetites, neglecting the things that truly matter, like our life of faith in God. We can be tempted to use the power that we might have for our own selfish interests forgetting that all power and glory come from God and our meant to serve Him. We also can be tempted to presume upon the Father’s love, living a life as if our choices don’t matter. When we refuse to give in, we are true to who we are as Christian disciples. Jesus underwent His 40 days in the desert to prepare for His ministry and ultimately His sacrificial death. In a similar way, the discipline that we put ourselves through, fasting or abstinence, prayer and almsgiving prepares us for the crosses that we face in life. The Lord gives us the grace to do these practices so that we will conquer our sinful tendencies and become holy. I pray that you all will have a blessed Lenten Season.

Fr. Kitsmiller
Administrator Pro Tem