From Fr. Streitenberger

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What about our latria or worship of God? What person of the Trinity should we address? At Mass, the prayers often address a particular Divine Person that is addressed. To fully answer our question, we need to think about the doctrine of the Trinity. We believe that there is one God, in three distinct Persons, and that these Persons are distinguishable in their relationship to each other. We must always balance these seemingly opposite points. Because they are really united, wherever one Person is, the others are there or whenever one Person is at work, the other two are. So if we feel prompted to pray to Jesus, the Son, then we should be comforted in knowing that the Father and Holy Spirit are also hearing what we say and are being addressed. Though the three are one, they are distinct, which means that we can attribute or describe them by a specific work that they are all involved in. For instance, the Father is often thought of as the Creator (even though the Son and Holy Spirit are involved in creation). The Son is most often identified with our redemption, what Jesus has done to save us and bring about the forgiveness of our sins. The Holy Spirit is most often identified with us receiving the grace we need, guiding us in prayer, discerning what we need to, and helping us to grow in holiness. So in our personal prayer and meditation, we may focus on one of three Persons, based on the nature of our conversation. Again, though, we are assured that if we are addressing one, then the others aren’t excluded. Simply, God doesn’t care which of the Persons we are addressing, He just wants us to pray! Another easy solution is just to refer to God, as “Lord.” It equally applies to all three Persons.

In Jesus through Mary,
Fr. Adam Streitenberger