From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We continue to read from the Bread of Life sermon from John, Chapter 6. Again, Jesus says that His flesh is the bread come down from heaven, the bread of life. This chapter in John’s Gospel provides us with much of the reasons for our celebration of the Eucharist and why we believe the Eucharist to be Jesus, His Body, Blood, Soul, and divinity. If you are more curious about why this is the way we believe, I encourage you to go to our parish’s online subscription on and check out Presence, The Mystery of the Eucharist. Go to Session 2: “The Story of the Eucharist.” If you have not registered, go to Let us remember in our prayers our children who will be beginning another school year. Let us pray that God watch over and protect them and inspire them to know Him and His creation. God bless you all. Fr. Kitsmiller Administrator Pro Tem