From Fr. Pierre

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Each time we celebrate the Divine Eucharist, we fulfill the salvific commandment of our Savior: “do this in memory of me.” This Sunday’s gospel draws our attention to the connection between three significant and existential elements of our existence: the Most Holy Body and Precious Blood of Christ, the metaphorical Fruit of the Vine, and the Kingdom of God. 

  • The Body and Blood of Christ save us and grant us Eternal Life. 
  • The metaphorical meanings of drinking the Fruit of the Vine include: the joyful celebration of the Success of God’s Plan, Jesus’ victory over Death and Sin, Glorifying the Father by doing His will and loving each other. 
  • All of these reach their fulfillment in the Kingdom of God, where we will be together with our Loving Savior in His Father’s House glorifying Him and enjoying His love for ever and ever. 

May the Most Holy Body of Jesus bring peace to your mind. 

May the Precious Blood of Jesus fill your heart with Joy. Happy Feast Day

Fr. Pierre Albalaa m.l.m. 
Parish Administrator for Sacred Heart