BAA Announcement

“Sharing His Love, Encouraging Hope,” the theme of the 2018 Bishop’s Annual Appeal, inspires us, as people of Faith, to share the love that God has for us, which can often bring hope to those who might not have felt His love. Works of kindness and help, in sometimes the smallest way, can bring about a profound change in a person’s life. Through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, we have an opportunity to bring about a positive change in the lives of many of God’s people. Through your generosity, you are supporting the various ministries and programs that are so vital in spreading His love. Next week is commitment Weekend for the Appeal, at which time you can make your gift or pledge. Our parish has been asked to raise $10,859.93. We can accomplish this if, after prayerful consideration, everyone gives what they can. Any amount raised over our goal will be returned to our parish to be used for our particular needs.