From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

We have come to the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Our focus in the liturgy turns more and more to Jesus’ passion and death. In the gospel passages that we read from the Gospel of John, we hear more and more opposition to Jesus’ teachings and that He is the Son of God. Yet, our Lord is not deterred and is willing to die because of our sins and for our sins. He is willing to take up the task of the cross, so that we might know God’s forgiveness and have eternal life. We must ask ourselves if we are willing to change our lives and follow Jesus so we might have eternal life. 

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday. Palms will be blessed at all Masses at both Sacred Heart and St. John. Before the 9:30 a.m. Mass at St. John and the 11:00 a.m. Mass at Sacred Heart, we will begin outside, weather permitting, and process into the Church. All are welcome to participate in the procession. 

This Monday, March 19th, is St. Joseph Day, a solemnity in the Church. We honor St. Joseph, Jesus’ foster-father and the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is also the universal patron of the Church. As it is a solemnity, the day is not usually a day of fasting and abstinence but a day of joyful celebration. We can take a bit of a break from our Lenten observances if we choose. 

Have a blessed week! 

Fr. Kitsmiller
Associate Administrator
Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist