From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

On this first Sunday of the season of Lent, Jesus exhorts us to repent and believe in the Gospel for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Often we focus on the first part of Jesus’ message repentance, which is a necessary part of our life of faith, but at times we fail to focus on the second part – believing in the Gospel and that the reign of God has begun. If we look at the Gospels, especially Mark’s Gospel, we cannot help to notice the power of Jesus, His miracles, His healings, His overcoming of demons and the powers of nature and the wisdom of His teachings. The Gospel accounts are meant to inspire us to believe in the power of Jesus Christ in our lives and to put our trust in Him. And if we put our trust in Christ, then we can let go of our attachment to worldly things. Our faith tells us that in the long run, we will be more fulfilled and satisfied. Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer are three practical ways of doing this. Fasting helps to have a true love for ourselves. This may seem like a contradiction, but we think in terms of our health. Too much of rich foods tends to compromise our health. When we become excessively attached to food, possessions, media, entertainment, our bodies, minds and souls become stunted. We don’t grow. Almsgiving is a practical way for us to show our love of neighbor and curbs our tendency to be greedy or possessive. Prayer is the way we build our relationship with God and thus, grow in our love for Him. Make a point this Lent to take some practical steps in these three areas.

Fr. Kitsmiller
Associate Administrator Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist