From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Jesus’ parable in today’s Gospel passage today speaks to us of the power of God’s forgiveness. The steward in the parable owed his master 10,000 talents, an unfathomable sum which could never be paid off. (A talent was a coin the equivalent of 20 years wages. Try to imagine 200,000 years’ worth of wages). Yet, the master forgives the entire debt and gives the servant a new start. This is indeed what God does for us no matter how many times we sin, even a lifetime’s worth. In Jesus’ parable, however, the servant is not able to forgive his fellow servant who owes him a much smaller amount (100 days wages in the Greek text) and who is repentant. At times, we fail to realize the overwhelming generosity that God gives to us and are not forgiving of our brothers and sisters. We should be clear that there is real pain that is caused by the sins of others, but Jesus makes it also clear that we cannot truly know God’s forgiveness until we have forgiven our brother and sister from our heart. When we forgive, we trust that God will fill our hearts with something that is much greater than what was taken from us. 

The Columbus Italian Festival, on the grounds of St. John the Baptist Church, is only three weeks away! Mark your calendars for both the Festival, October 6th, 5:30 to 11:00 p.m.; October 7th, Noon to 11:00 p.m.; October 8th, Noon to 7:00 p.m. and the Taste of Italy on Monday, October 2nd, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. See the bulletin for more details and Spero di vedervi lì! (Hope to see you there!) 

Have a blessed week. 

Fr. Kitsmiller
Associate Administrator
Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist