A Special Message from Fr. Lonzo

My brothers and sisters, 

This past Sunday, we celebrated Trinity Sunday. As we concluded the Easter season last week with the Feast of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, today, we celebrate the revelation of the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As we honor One God in Three Persons, we are mindful of God the Father sending His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, out of love to save us and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit within our hearts, within history. 

As I announced last week, my new assignment to St. Paul in Westerville, begins July 11th. I did not expect this new assignment and was surprised by it, as I’d thought I would be with you a little longer; nevertheless; I believe God always has a plan. Over this past week, I have been reflecting on it: I had never thought I would have had the opportunity to be assigned to Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist parishes a few year ago, and I am sure you did not “expect” me as I was assigned a little over two years ago. Yet, here we are today, having grown in faith, hope and charity over this time. I have found both Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist parishioners very faithful, generous and proud of their parishes. As a priest, you can’t ask for a better foundation of Faith and passion and love for the Church. I believe we have strengthened this foundation over these past two years and have made it ever more solid. I am confident Fr. Kitsmiller with continue to guide you, building on this foundation with stability, pastoral care and kindness. I was very happy and surprised by the warm welcome all of you gave me two years ago, as I joined you. I ask that you please, once again, open your hearts in welcome and generosity to Fr. Kitsmiller. I know change is always difficult; but it is a real way in which we live the central mystery of our Faith: the death and resurrection of Christ. The Lord will continue to renew us and make us into something we could have never thought possible if we continue in Faith. I will pray for you and I ask your prayers for me and for Fr. Kitsmiller as we both begin new assignments in our priesthood.

I am pleased to announce we have surpassed our diocesan goal for the BAA!!! We currently have $10,760.00 pledged. Thank you for your generosity as your contributions will directly benefit Sacred Heart with new interior lighting. Despite my new assignment and any feelings of disappointment, I beg you to remember that your generosity makes Sacred Heart parish so wonderful, and by continuing to reach toward our enhanced goal it will continue to set Sacred Heart on a stronger foundation which will continue to help us make improvements in the future. Furthermore, I have faith in your commitment to Sacred Heart which I have seen firsthand over these two years as I have received approval for the interior lighting project to move forward in the immediate future.

Have a great week! 

Fr. Tony Lonzo
Associate Administrator
Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist