Prayers for the Sick

WE PRAY FOR THE NEEDS OF THE SICK AND OF ALL THOSE WHO SUFFER: For the poor, the infirm, the outcast, the marginalized. May they be recognized, no matter how frail, for their innate and inalienable dignity and mission in life. Like Saint Bernadette, who turned her frailty into support for others, may they bring out in others the love and compassion that are part of every created human heart. 

WE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PROVIDE CARE AND ASSIST THE SICK: For family members, health workers and volunteers – that they may accompany the infirm and show them the love of God made manifest in human hands and hearts. We pray for those in different roles of service and in health care institutions throughout the world, that they will be strengthened in their professionalism and dedication to the sick and the suffering. ~ Excerpted from CHA’s 25th World Day of the Sick Prayer Service