Thank you, Sacred Heart!

As many of us prepare to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with family, we give thanks for the “family” of parishioners here at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Heartfelt thanks to the following: 

  • Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Ushers. 
  • Sacred Heart Prayer Group. 
  • Peggy Lorain for washing the linens. 
  • Aggie Howard and Victoria Gammell for gracefully running the Parrish office. 
  • Gina Bishop and John Huffman for the wonderful music 
  • Money counters. 
  • Donuts and coffee volunteers. 
  • Jim Merckling for organizing schedules and keeping Masses running smoothly. 
  • Sacred Heart steering/improvements committee members 
  • The generous spirit of Sacred Heart parishioners; increasing donations by 16%; providing funds for long needed repairs and improvements. 
  • The thoughtful, grace-filled leadership of Father Kitsmiller. Sacred Heart is truly grateful for your support and generosity. 

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the Church with a Heart in the Heart of Columbus.