From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

The parable in this Sunday’s Gospel of the bridesmaids awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom calls us to reflect upon on our own readiness for the Lord’s arrival at the end of our life. Amidst the business of our lives, it is easy to forget this essential aspect of our life of faith. Are we living a life that prepares us for the reward of heaven? That, of course, is the meaning of the oil lamps in Jesus’ parable. The oil in the lamps represents the good deeds and virtuous living of each bridesmaid. Only we can live our lives. No one else can. Our good deeds and virtues are our own, nobody else’s. We cannot give them away or get them from others. That is why the bridesmaids in the parable cannot share their own oil. Each night before we go to bed, we should ask the question – what did I do for the Lord and others? If we live our life for others and the Lord, then we will be prepared for the heavenly banquet when the bridegroom comes. 

Let us remember in our prayers those killed and wounded in this past week’s shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. We again are reminded of the precariousness of life and the evil that is in the world. Even in sacred places like churches, we see such evil. Let us pray that we might not grow numb to such shootings and instead work and pray for a safer and less violent society. 

May God bless you this week! 

Fr. Kitsmiller
Associate Administrator
Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist