From Fr. Lonzo's Desk

My brothers and sisters, As we celebrate this 4th Sunday of Easter, we hear from St John’s Gospel of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Today is traditionally known as “Good Shepherd Sunday,” in which the Church is reminded of Jesus’ great care and love which He has for us as we are led by Jesus the Good Shepherd. As we reflect on this image of Jesus the Good Shepherd, we are reminded of the need in our day for an increase of vocations to the priesthood. I ask that you please pray for priests that they may be models of Jesus the Good Shepherd; that God the Father will continue to call young men to the great vocation of priesthood, and that those who are called will have the courage to respond to this vocation in the Church. Please pray in a special way for our seminarians here in the Diocese of Columbus. Have a great Week! Fr Tony Lonzo Associate Administrator Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist.