Renovations at St. Joseph Montessori.

After much planning and fundraising by the school and their families, SJMS is about to undertake a complete renovation of the kitchen in Ryan Hall. The kitchen is an important part of the Montessori life skills curriculum, and a facility used by Sacred Heart each week. Work will begin this week, with completion scheduled in 2-3 weeks. SJMS was also awarded a $30,000 Vision Grant from The Catholic Foundation to renovate the restrooms in Ryan Hall. This grant, while substantial, does not cover the full cost of the project, but the school will work with the contractor to get as much done as possible. This project will be completed sometime before the end of August. Finally, new playground installation will take place in the next 3 weeks. We appreciate everyone at SJMS for all of the work they do, and are grateful for their efforts behalf of Sacred Heart, and the community.