From Fr. Lonzo's Desk

My brothers and sisters, 

As we approach our national elections this Tuesday, I would like to direct you to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website regarding Faithful Citizenship. This resource is helpful to us as Catholics in trying to navigate this complex political season, while being mindful of our responsibility as faithful Catholics to engage in democracy and, at the same time, respect the beliefs of our Faith and also the exercise of properly formed conscience within the democratic process. Please visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website at for more information.

 Below is a quotation of a brief summary from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops resource material of what a difficult situation we find ourselves, and what our responsibilities are regarding participation in our democratic process and witnessing to our Catholic Faith in a concrete way: “If indeed ‘the just ordering of society and of the state is a central responsibility of politics,’ the Church ‘cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice.’” So writes Pope Francis, quoting Pope Benedict XVI. 

Our nation faces many political challenges that demand well-informed moral choices: • The ongoing destruction of a million innocent human lives each year by abortion • Physician-assisted suicide • The redefinition of marriage • The excessive consumption of material goods and the destruction of natural resources, harming the environment as well as the poor • Deadly attacks on Christians and other religious minorities throughout the world • Efforts to narrow the definition and exercise of religious freedom • Economic policies that fail to prioritize the needs of poor people, at home and abroad • A broken immigration system and a worldwide refugee crisis • Wars, terror, and violence that threaten every aspect of human life and dignity. 

As Catholics, we are part of a community with profound teachings that help us consider challenges in public life, contribute to greater justice and peace for all people, and evaluate policy positions, party platforms, and candidates’ promises and actions in light of the Gospel in order to help build a better world. 

Have a great week! 
Fr. Tony Lonzo
Associate Administrator Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist