From Fr. Lonzo's Desk

My brothers and sisters, 

After the general election this past Tuesday, let us turn to the Lord in prayer for our nation and for our elected officials, that God will give them the wisdom, understanding and compassion to govern our country. As citizens of the United States, we are blessed to have religious freedom; as faithful Catholics, let us exercise this wonderful right with gratitude to God by praying that His grace and guidance may enter into the hearts of our newly elected officials. 

A few months ago, Mary Quaranto, who has worked in the parish office in various positions for many years, approached Fr. Antonio and I about the possibility of retiring toward the end of this year. I know that this was not an easy decision for her; however, I am grateful for Mary’s great dedication and hard work to St. John the Baptist and Sacred Heart parishes. Fr. Antonio and I were able to speak to the Diocese with ideas and listen to their direction and consultation, which are beneficial to the parishes, providing necessary services, while at the same time, not being over staffed. 

After working with the personnel department of the Diocese and on behalf of Fr. Antonio, I would like to welcome Vicky Gammell, who will be joining the St. John the Baptist and Sacred Heart parishes as part-time secretary in the office. I would also like to thank Mary for her many years of hard work. I know that we will continue to see Mary every Sunday and I have been assured by her that she will always be willing to help. For that I am very grateful and want to wish Mary a happy retirement. Have a great week! Fr. Tony Lonzo Associate Administrator Sacred Heart and St. John the Baptist