A Prayer for Missionaries

Lord, sent by the Father, You were the first missionary. I thank You for inviting me to take part in Mission, the “holiest duty of the Church.” I thank You for my Baptism, which gives me a share in Your very own life. I thank You for the Eucharist in which You give me yourself as food to nourish and sustain me. I thank You for the gift of Confirmation, when I become a committed witness to Your love and Your truth. Help me, Lord, to be Your missionary wherever I am. Teach me to see You in all my brothers and sisters on this earth, regardless of race, creed or color. Help me to live my life in such a way that all my words and actions will proclaim You as Christ, the Lord. Bless in a special way those missionaries who have given their lives to You, those who serve You in difficult and often dangerous situations. Keep them safe, happy, holy, and enthusiastic as they spread the Good News to the ends of the earth. Amen.