Thank you to the friendly parishioners of Sacred Heart

Last week Sacred Heart received a thank you letter from a grandmother who attended the Saturday Mass on August 8th, with her sister and granddaughter. They were from Kansas, Ohio and were headed to the Ohio State Fair after Mass. The problem was, they did not have directions to the fair and were struggling with their GPS.  They were not sure what to do.

Then, one of our parishioners not only gave them directions, but drove to the front gates of the fair leading the way for the visitors – making sure the three visitors made it to the fair safely!  How wonderful!

I try to impress on my grandchildren that no matter what or where you are, you can make time to go to church. Not only did my granddaughter see that, she also saw that people still go out of their way for each other. Thanks to that wonderful couple, who made my life a little easier?” As the Church we are called to love one another, one way to do this is by helping others. What a great, tangible way to demonstrate that Sacred Heart is, “The Roman Catholic Church with a heart, in the heart of Columbus.
— Jocelyn Bissin