Office Hours 

The Parish Office Hours are 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Administration of both Sacred Heart and our partner Parish, St. John the Baptist, is done through the office at St. John, 168 East Lincoln Street.  Requests for copies of sacramental records, scheduling of Masses, and other sacramental celebrations, hall rental and other non-emergency needs should be made during normal office hours.  Please notify the Parish Office of any changes, such as address, email telephone, etc.

Parish Office Staff

Aggie Howard, Business Manager
Vicky Gammell, Secretary for St. John the Baptist and Sacred Heart Churches

Bulletin Deadline

Announcements must be submitted in writing by Tuesday.

Music Ministry

Gina Bishop, Director
John C. Huffman, Organist

Parish Membership

We welcome you to our Sacred Heart family. As a member of Sacred Heart, you are accepting the responsibility of weekly worship as well as supporting God’s work here through giving of yourself, your time and talents, and a worth Sunday offering to show love for God and your gratitude for his many favors.  

Become a Member

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