From Fr. Albalaa

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Two joyful events will take place this Sunday, April 22, 2018: Celebrating, with Bishop Campbell, the 150th Anniversary of our beloved Diocese; and welcoming the Maronite Catholic Community of Columbus into the Sacred Heart Parish where they will be celebrating their Masses every Sunday at 12:30 p.m. On their behalf, I would like to thank the Diocese of Columbus and Bishop Campbell, Saint Andrew Parish and Msgr. Moloney, Saint John the Baptist and Fr. Kitsmiller, the Sacred Heart Parish and its kind parishioners, for their kindness, hospitality and love. And on behalf of the Sacred Heart Parish, I would like to welcome the Maronite Community. We wish them all the best. May God bless them in their endeavor. 

Speaking of Love, in this Sunday’s Readings, Saint John directs our attention to the Abundant and Rejuvenating Love of our Heavenly Father by which we become his children. This Divine Love is revealed to us by the Sacrificial and Redemptive Love of his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd, Who died for us, so we can have Eternal Life. May the Risen Christ fill your life with the Joy of His Resurrection and your hearts with His Divine Love. 

Fr. Pierre Albalaa m.l.m. 
Parish Administrator for Sacred Heart