From His Holiness

“Every addicted person brings with them a distinct personal history, which should be listened to, understood, loved, and where possible, cured and purified. We cannot fall into the injustice of classifying them as if they were objects or broken junk; rather, every person should be valued and appreciated in their dignity in order to be cured. They continue to have, more than ever, dignity as persons and children of God.” ~ Pope Francis

From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Instead of a usual homily this week, based upon the Sunday readings, Bishop Campbell, the chief Pastor of the local Church at the Diocese of Columbus, has asked that a letter be read from him at all the Masses concerning the drug crisis that currently engulf our diocese and state.


March 29 Thursday of Holy Week
7:00 p.m. Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper Sacred Heart

March 30 Good Friday Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
2:00 p.m. Sacred Heart 7:00 p.m. St. John the Baptist

March 31 Holy Saturday Easter Vigil
8:00 p.m. St. John the Baptist

April 1 Easter Sunday
9:30 a.m. St. John the Baptist
11:00 a.m. Sacred Heart

From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It has been another week of violence in our country and our community. On Wednesday, February 14th, we all heard of another school shooting in our country, leaving seventeen dead, in Florida.

Sacred Heart Thanks You!

Thank you, Barbara Corley, Debbie Stefanov, Virginia Russell, Diane Barnes, Scott Fulks, Bob Lorain, Maurice Madry, Jim Merckling, and Carolyn Thomas for their dedication in serving as Eucharistic Ministers throughout February.

From Fr. Kitsmiller

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,The season of Lent starts this Wednesday, February 14th. Ash Wednesday Masses will be held at 10:00 a.m. at Sacred Heart and 6 pm at St. John the Baptist.